Restaurant Alasha

st. M. Ospanova, 20, corner of Dostyk ave. Almaty city



The Alasha is a hand-made carpet which, according to legend, is intended for honoured and welcomed guests. Upon entering a house, visitors are always offered soul-enlivening tea and a variety of victuals from among their Oriental cuisine menus. The wizard-cooks of our restaurant will prepare the choicest of traditional dishes: tasty and well-flavoured pilaf, traditional Oriental flat cakes, succulent samosas with golden crispy crusts. Your soul will be contented with the traditional sorpa broth cooked with tender mutton. Also on the menu are 20 kinds of kebabs that are exquisite enough to satisfy the desires of any gourmet. Finally, the tandyr-roasted mutton – a real Khan dish – will be on your table to stagger your imagination.

Not a single table laid by the hospitable hosts will be void of Oriental cookies. Tender and light Pahlava that readily dissolves in the mouth, Iranian pistachios, dried apricots, sweet Kishmish, Shirin Bodom almonds and, of course, fresh juicy fruits from the “Golden Gardens” of the East will be theirs for the tasting.

Алаша Ресторан

Мудрость обретается со временем, и нет ей цены. Народ, который хранит мудрость предков, всегда осенен ее благодатью. Восток веками неторопливо накапливал свои сказания, и они оказались сокровищницей для нас, живущих на этой земле.


Popular dish

  • 2500


    Eggplants, bell pepper, rocket salad, silverbeet, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, parmesan cheese cooked in josper

  • 2000


    Traditional homemade horsemeat specialty

  • 1000

    Ak kuz

    Fermented milk starter with fresh cucumber

  • 1350

    Irimshik gumma

    Grille dpiewithsorrel, spinachandcheese – 1350 тг

  • 7500

    Steak from the Chef

    Steak from the Chef

  • 5500

    Salmon shish kebab

Call the numbers: +7(727)254-07-00, +7(707) 746 3489



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Winter menu

Starting December 15, 2017, a winter menu is introduced with an incredibly delicious jellied meat and a hungover soup!

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Dear guests! We are pleased to announce that it was for you in our restaurant that an amazing, unmatched, bewitching show program appeared.

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What do our customers say


The restaurant is really good, and they cook deliciously! But there’s only a small request – YOUR SCREENS ARE AVAILABLE AS ON AIVAN! And then it was taken straight to our table that time, and the child was almost hurt …


Had lunch today. Food was carried for more than 10 minutes. The eggplant salad was very tasty, fresh, you can see that we just cooked. The administrator met everyone with bows. It is not surprising that people go here to eat. Personally, I liked the restaurant, the barbecue is excellent, the salads are also on the level!